FLUXALP is a long-term monitoring project launched in October 2013 and focusing on the fluxes of carbon, water and energy exchanged between land and atmosphere in a subalpine grassland of the French Alps located at 2000 m near the Lautaret Pass. Measured variables at the flux tower include:

  • (micro)meteorological variables;
  • exchanges of carbon, water vapour and energy in the soil - snowpack - vegetation - atmosphere continuum;
  • land surface parameters (snow cover dynamics, ecosystem phenology)

FLUXALP is a collaborative project involving

  • hydrologists and micrometeorologists from IGE
  • specialists of the cryosphere from CEN
  • ecosystem ecologists from LECA and SAJF

The FLUXALP site is now part of the ICOS-ecosystem French network. see more

FLUXALP has been funded by SAJF, OSUG and the labex OSUG@2020 (Investissements d'Avenir).

 Time lapse video of the Lautaret pass area from November 2012 onwards. Courtesy J. Renaud (LECA)