FLUXALP is an instrumentation project that is designed to provide monitoring of

  • (micro)meteorological variables;
  • exchanges of carbon, water vapour and energy in the soil - snowpack - vegetation - atmosphere continuum;
  • land surface parameters (snow cover dynamics, ecosystem phenology)

in a subalpine grassland of the Alps located at 2000 m near the Lautaret Pass.

See FLUXALP data over the last 8 days, and over the last 30 days

This project is a joint initiative of four laboratories of the Observatory for Science and the Universe - Grenoble (OSUG) :

  • hydrologists and micrometeorologists from LTHE;
  • specialists of the cryosphere from CEN and LGGE;
  • ecosystem ecologists from LECA and SAJF

The launch of FLUXALP has been funded in 2012 by SAJF and the labex OSUG@2020 (Investissements d'Avenir).

The project is currently in its preparatory phase. A meteorological station has been installed in a candidate site on October 2012. Measured parameters are :

  • air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure;
  • short-wave and long-wave radiations (in and out components);
  • snow height;
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). 
The first campaigns of flux measurements are scheduled for 2012.

 Time lapse video of the Lautaret pass area from November 2012 onwards. Courtesy J. Renaud (LECA)