I am maintaining a network of loggers for the continuous recording of subsurface soil temperature and soil volumetric water content in high-elevation watersheds ocated between the Lautaret pass and the Galibier pass.

Measured variables include:

- soil temperature (mostly subsurface temperatures and more recently temperatures at different depths).
- volumetric soil water content

The vegetation  is known from an ensemble of 120 permanent plots (20 m2 each) established in 2011 with the aim to track long-term changes in vascular plant composition. This work has been initiated in collaboration with Gilles Pellet.

This work is supported by the Station Alpine J. Fourier (project BIOCLIM-OBS2).

 Overview of the Roche Noire valley, the instrumented high elevation watershed located beween 1900m and 2800 m in the French Alps (Hautes-Alpes, commune de Monêtier-les-Bains). The picture shows stands of a subalpine Lariix decidua forest (foreground), green subalpine grasslands dominated by Festuca paniculata and alpine grasslands, part of them being snow-covered (background). Photo: 28.06.2013 by Philippe Choler.